einicia, your crowdfunding site Meeting point for business owners, entrepreneurs and investors

In June of this year, Joaquín Poblet, who is the MD of Alternative Financing in Auriga Global Investors, and myself (Jose Manuel Queiro), the CTO at the same company, got to work on creating a big crowdfunding site which gathered the four types of Crowdfunding: donation, reward, lending and investment. Joaquin is an expert in Alternative Financing, with more than 25 years of experience and used to work with non-banking financing solutions for large corporate and SMEs, and I, with nearly 20 years of experience in Technology, who has developed most of my career at the stock exchange and financial sector.

The Promotion of Corporate Finance Law of April 2015 was our shuttle. Being regulated the crowdfunding sector and showing growing numbers in Spain (nearly 70 million euros in 2014), we saw the opportunity to create einicia, a meeting point for business owners, entrepreneurs and investors, taking advantage of the experience of Joaquin in Alternative Financing and my knowledge in Technology plus my experience in the Spanish Stock Exchange. We also had the very important support of Auriga Capital Investments, in which both have developed our functions for 3 years.

The team is composed of a diverse and multidisciplinary group of people: Gregorio Moreno and David Nogales, financial analysts with over 15 years of experience, both always closely linked to the financing of large corporate and SMEs. Maria Santiso, head of the Administration and Accounting Department. Our partners: Abogados Hermosilla (Ignacio Espinosa, Silvia Martínez and José Palacio), they are responsible for all our legal issues, being highly qualified in business law and consequently experts in the new law of crowdfunding; Soluciones.si, our technological partner (Sergio López, Mar López, Jesus Jávega and Eduardo Gonzalez), are highly experienced on technological R&D, online marketing and media; Gallino Films (Mikel and Diego Martínez) our media producers, are dedicated to photography, video and graphic design.

We will accompany the promoter during the whole crowdfunding campaign process: your success is our success. We want to help you with documentation, legal advice, audio-visual material, social networking and of course during the fundraising campaign monitoring. Besides, einicia is created with the purpose of making easier and promoting the communication between business owners, entrepreneurs and investors, bringing investors closer to the real economy and encouraging the sharing economy.

At the present time, the technology platform is close to be ready and we are in the process of obtaining the authorization from the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to operate, so einicia, your crowdfunding site, will be shortly available.